Café Turtle

In the heart of New Delhi sits Café Turtle, almost like a tree house. Sitting on its terrace watching one of the most spectacular sunsets, you can almost forget that you are actually in a busy South Delhi marketplace.

Café Turtle, Delhi’s most charming café was set up to compliment the Full Circle Book Stores. The idea was to create a peaceful and lively space where people could have a wonderful meal, relax and feel rejuvenated, meet over aromatic coffees and fresh juices accompanied with delicious cakes, exchange ideas over wholesome global cuisine and ‘just be’ in a friendly and aesthetic environment with friends and family enjoying nature’s bounty.

Today it is a name that is now so well known all over our World.

Fresh juices and coolers

Farm-fresh ingredients

Café Turtle has a varied selection of foods and drinks. It is a place where people who cook with love and a spirit of adventure prepare different cuisines.

Our ingredients are chosen with care, we try our best to buy local, and stay away from using artificial colourants and preservatives.

Seasonal delicacies

In the winter months, every Saturday a special lunch is served so you can enjoy and experience different flavors and cuisines. A must try for any lover of food! There is also always something exciting going on - book readings, art exhibitions, musical events, painting workshops, and much more.

Summer days come and enjoy refreshing and energizing fresh juices with light food. Winter evenings are a treat in the Café balcony, with a cozy fire to compliment the seasonal food.